It’s SCRAPE Records’ 20th Anniversary

SCRAPE Records is back and ready to launch!

With your support, SCRAPE Records is gearing up on our 20th Anniversary to raise 20k to combine with our own investment to assist SCRAPE Records – The Label release its first 4 SCRAPE Records titles planned in multiple formats for the first half of 2018 and beyond!

We have 1k, 5k, 10k, 15k, targets set along the way to get us to 20k, including a bonus 25k goal! You can find these targets and their details down below.

Your contributions will go directly towards our costs of production, licensing, manufacturing, distribution, marketing, advertising, publicity, management, web design, graphic design, social media, legal fees, insurance, accounting, office space, and signing new talent.

In return for your contribution, we have tons of wicked product for purchase that’s not available anywhere else to get us to our respective targets listed below. However, it’s not necessary to make a purchase to contribute.

Distributors and wholesalers! Please contact us for volume deals!

You have the power! We have the know-how, drive and network. We’re counting on the “DISCIPLE” to help SCRAPE reach its full potential! Buy some crap!

Climb aboard “DISCIPLES” and get ready for the ZH ride!

It’s not only SCRAPE Records’ 20th Anniversary, it’s also the 20th Anniversary of ZIMMERS HOLE’s debut album “Bound By Fire”, SCRAPE Records are proud to announce their first label signing… ZIMMERS HOLE!

SCRAPE Records is planning to release all 3 ZIMMERS HOLE albums on specialty CD and Vinyl through the first half of 2018, fresh ZH merchandise coming soon and a brand new ZH studio album on SCRAPE Records in late 2018! Lots of stellar packages in the works!

For those unaware, ZIMMERS HOLE  is a Vancouver-based band/project featuring guitarist Jed Simon aka “El Smooche” (STRAPPING YOUNG LAD, SCAR THE MARTYR, VIMIC) and bassist Byron Stroud aka “Sickie Moochmaster” (STRAPPING YOUNG LAD, FEAR FACTORY, 3 INCHES OF BLOOD) alongside legendary drummer Gene Hoglan aka “The Atomic Clock” (STRAPPING YOUNG LAD, TESTAMENT, DETHKLOK, DEATH, DARK ANGEL) and front-devil Chris Valagao akaLorde Heathen” (WEST OF HELL).

This will be a collaborative effort between SCRAPE Records and ZIMMERS HOLE, repackaging and reissuing limited edition pressings of the entire ZH catalogue (pending our various target goals down below) on CD, and for the very first time on VINYL. All while working towards a brand new ZIMMERS HOLE studio album to be released by SCRAPE Records late 2018!

“BOUND BY FIRE” will be available in multiple configurations including various coloured Vinyl, hand-numbered Vinyl and CDs autographed by the band and more!

Each ZIMMERS HOLE reissue will feature original artwork along with additional and new liner notes, photos from the band, thoughts from long-time ZH friend/collaborator/producer DEVIN TOWNSEND. New artwork and layout from acclaimed-artist TRAVIS SMITH (Opeth, Katatonia, Death, Nevermore). Check item description on sidebar for more details. ETA March 2018

Pre-orders for “Bound By Fire” and other exclusive ZH items available now!


Here are the targets we need to hit along the way. These targets are a must or bust. We can do this!

1k Target

New ZH Logo T-shirts in Mens and Women’s designs will be manufactured. ETA – Dec 2017

5k Target

SCRAPE Records will release SCRAPE Records – The Label fundraising campaign vinyl sampler slated for Spring 2018 featuring SCRAPE’s first label signing ZIMMERS HOLE along with more bands TBA.

Only 100 will be pressed and you can get your name in the liner notes! Only available with your contribution.

If your band is interested in getting on the SCRAPE sampler, please drop us a line at

All funds raised by these SCRAPE samplers will go directly into developing, expanding, growing the label, distribution, signing more bands and more. ETA – March 2018

10k Target

SCRAPE Records will reissue and release ZIMMERS HOLE’s debut album “Bound By Fire” on special edition CD limited to (500 hand-numbered) and for the first time on 180 gram Vinyl available on Limited Edition Black Vinyl (300 hand-numbered) and even more limited Red Vinyl (200 hand-numbered) housed in thick gatefold sleeves. Autographed original album cover art inserts available. Vinyl test pressings will also be available. ETA March 2018

15k Target

SCRAPE Records will reissue and release ZIMMERS HOLE’s second album “Legion Of Flames” on special edition CD and for the first time on 180 gram Vinyl housed in gatefold sleeves. Colours TBA. Autographed album cover art inserts available. Vinyl test pressings will also be available.

20k Target

SCRAPE Records will reissue and release ZIMMERS HOLE’s third album “When You Were Shouting At The Devil…We Were In League With Satan” on special edition CD and for the first time on 180 gram Vinyl housed in gatefold sleeves. Colours TBA. Autographed album cover art inserts available. Vinyl test pressings also be available.


SCRAPE Records – The Label Launch Party and Concert headlined by ZIMMERS HOLE in 2018! 

Serious work begins on brand new ZIMMERS HOLE studio album on SCRAPE Records.

SCRAPE Records

SCRAPE Records – The Label will focus on specializing in limited edition/small run pressings on various formats. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. You snooze, you’re not METAL. All product will have a high attention to detail. Including, but not limited to, coloured vinyl, digi-paks/books, assorted inserts, autographed product, clothing, paraphernalia and more.

As fans ourselves, we know the quality and attention to detail you expect and SCRAPE can deliver. We have loads of killer ideas on how to make SCRAPE unique and stand out from the rest. However, these ideas do come at a cost. With your help, we can raise the additional funds and in return you’ll get some wicked product!

SCRAPE Records – The Label will stay true to its roots working with bands of the Progressive, Death, Glam, Thrash, Fusion, Power, Viking, Shred, Speed, Doom, Black Metal and Hard Rock variety. We are currently in discussions of signing some bands. Send more our way!

SCRAPE and ZIMMERS HOLE you in advance for your support. Every little bit helps and it all ads up. Support your METAL!

SCRAPE Records

We Ain’t Done!

Check out our plethora of exclusive funding packages that are only available through this campaign featuring a variety of rare, autographed and one-of-a-kind items available from such artists as ZIMMERS HOLE, DEVIN TOWNSEND, ENSLAVED, HELLYEAH, SABATON, GRAVEYARD, OBITUARY and from SCRAPE Records!

Need more crap?

You can also support us by making a purchase at our SCRAPE Discogs store featuring nearly 5000 new CDs and Vinyl. These titles are available and ready to ship now!

What We Need & What You Get

  • Our target goal is 20K. We think this is attainable, but only with your help. Without the “DISCIPLE” there is no ‘SCRAPE”.
  • SCRAPE has nearly 5000 “Likes” on Facebook alone. If 1000 of those “Likes” or 1/5 of our total “Likes” each contribute $20, we’ll reach our 20k goal!
  • 500 “Disciples” contribute $40 each, we’ll reach our 20k goal!
  • 666 “Disciples” contribute $30 each, we’ll reach our 20k goal! How METAL is that?!?
  • In the unfortunate event we don’t reach our 20K or our 5K goal, it will definitely slow down our progress and we’ll have to adjust our budgets accordingly. We have tons of wicked ideas! You can make them a reality! Spread the word!
  • In the unfortunate event this campaign totally tanks (less than 5k), SCRAPE will still honour all items purchased through this campaign that isn’t a ZIMMERS HOLE reissue or SCRAPE sampler. 

Other Ways You Can Help


  • Any assistance you can provide with sharing this campaign in your various Social Media feeds would be much appreciated. It all helps!
  • Please use the Indiegogo share tools!
  • Let’s kill this together! Let’s build on the loyalty and support you’ve shown SCRAPE for 20 years!
  • SCRAPE’s success is your success! Let’s show the World that METAL is alive in Western Canada!

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ZIMMERS HOLE “Bound By Fire” pre-orders and more available now!