Black Sabbath – “Live…Gathered In Their Masses” Blu-Ray/DVD/CD Box Set


Blu-Ray Concert And Bonus Material
BD-1 War Pigs
BD-2 Into The Void
BD-3 Loner
BD-4 Snowblind
BD-5 Black Sabbath
BD-6 Behind The Wall Of Sleep
BD-7 N.I.B.
BD-8 Methademic
BD-9 Fairies Wear Boots
BD-10 Symptom Of The Universe
BD-11 Iron Man
BD-12 End Of The Beginning
BD-13 Children Of The Grave
BD-14 God Is Dead?
BD-15 Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (Intro) / Paranoid
BD-16 Under The Sun
BD-17 Dirty Women
BD-18 Electric Funeral
BD-19 Interview
BD-20 Showday
DVD Concert
DVD1-1 War Pigs
DVD1-2 Into The Void
DVD1-3 Loner
DVD1-4 Snowblind
DVD1-5 Black Sabbath
DVD1-6 Behind The Wall Of Sleep
DVD1-7 N. I. B.
DVD1-8 Methademic
DVD1-9 Fairies Wear Boots
DVD1-10 Symptom Of The Universe
DVD1-11 Iron Man
DVD1-12 End Of The Beginning
DVD1-13 Children Of The Grave
DVD1-14 God Is Dead?
DVD1-15 Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (Intro) / Paranoid
DVD Bonus Content
DVD2-1 Under The Sun
DVD2-2 Dirty Women
DVD2-3 Electric Funeral
DVD2-4 Interview
DVD2-5 Show Day
CD Concert
CD-1 War Pigs
CD-2 Loner
CD-3 Black Sabbath
CD-4 Methademic
CD-5 N.I.B.
CD-6 Iron Man
CD-7 End Of The Beginning
CD-8 Fairies Wear Boots
CD-9 God Is Dead?
CD-10 Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (Intro) / Paranoid


Exlusive features:
* 3 Bonustracks
* “Show Day” feature
* Band Interview
* Souvenir Tour Poster, Signed Setlist, Ticket & 2 Guitar Picks


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