Devin Townsend – “The Rentinal Circus” CD/DVD/Blu-Ray Box Set


DVD1-1 Effervescent! / True North
DVD1-2 Lucky Animals
DVD1-3 Planet Of The Apes
DVD1-4 Truth
DVD1-5 War
DVD1-6 Soul Driven
DVD1-7 Planet Smasher
DVD1-8 Babysong
DVD1-9 Vampolka
DVD1-10 Vampira
DVD1-11 Addicted!
DVD1-12 Color Your World
DVD1-13 The Greys
DVD2-1 Hyperdrive
DVD2-2 Ih-Ah!
DVD2-3 Where We Belong
DVD2-4 Detox
DVD2-5 Bend It Like Bender!
DVD2-6 Life
DVD2-7 Kingdom
DVD2-8 Juular
DVD2-9 Love?
DVD2-10 Colonial Boy
DVD2-11 Grace
DVD2-12 Little Pig
DVD2-13 Credits
DVD2-14 Retinal – Behind The Masks
BD-1 Effervescent! / True North
BD-2 Lucky Animals
BD-3 Planet Of The Apes
BD-4 Truth
BD-5 War
BD-6 Soul Driven
BD-7 Planet Smasher
BD-8 Babysong
BD-9 Vampolka
BD-10 Vampira
BD-11 Addicted!
BD-12 Color Your World
BD-13 The Greys
BD-14 Hyperdrive
BD-15 Ih-Ah!
BD-16 Where We Belong
BD-17 Detox
BD-18 Bend It Like Bender!
BD-19 Life
BD-20 Kingdom
BD-21 Juular
BD-22 Love?
BD-23 Colonial Boy
BD-24 Grace
BD-25 Little Pig
BD-26 Credits
BD-27 Retinal – Behind The Masks
CD1-1 Effervescent! / True North 6:24
CD1-2 Lucky Animals 3:34
CD1-3 Planet Of The Apes 11:02
CD1-4 Truth 3:59
CD1-5 War 6:09
CD1-6 Soul Driven 1:09
CD1-7 Planet Smasher 6:20
CD1-8 Babysong 5:31
CD1-9 Vampolka 1:37
CD1-10 Vampira 3:43
CD1-11 Addicted! 5:33
CD1-12 Color Your World 9:49
CD1-13 The Greys 4:55
CD2-1 Hyperdrive 4:44
CD2-2 Ih-Ah! 3:58
CD2-3 Where We Belong 4:19
CD2-4 Detox 6:04
CD2-5 Bend It Like Bender! 3:37
CD2-6 Life 4:53
CD2-7 Kingdom 5:10
CD2-8 Juular 4:00
CD2-9 Love? 5:24
CD2-10 Colonial Boy 2:58
CD2-11 Grace 6:53
CD2-12 Little Pig 7:30

– Limited Die Hard Deluxe Fan Box –
incl. 40 page-LP-sized book with various special goodies, lenticular cover and die-cut box incl. pop-up of the Retinal Circus stage as well as 2-DVD/1-Blu Ray/2-CD

Brand New / Factory Sealed

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