Iced Earth – “Slave To The Dark” 14CD+DVD Box Set

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Iced Earth
CD01-01 Iced Earth 5:23
CD01-02 Written On The Walls 6:08
CD01-03 Colors 4:50
CD01-04 Curse The Sky 4:45
CD01-05 Life And Death 6:08
CD01-06 Solitude 1:44
CD01-07 Funeral 6:16
CD01-08 When The Night Falls 8:44
Night Of The Stormrider
CD02-01 Angels Holocaust 4:52
CD02-02 Stormrider 4:48
CD02-03 The Path I Choose 5:55
CD02-04 Before The Vision 1:23
CD02-05 Mystical End 4:46
CD02-06 Desert Rain 6:55
CD02-07 Pure Evil 6:34
CD02-08 Reaching The End 1:11
CD02-09 Travel In Stygian 9:19
CD02-10 Stormrider (Live) * 4:48
Burnt Offerings
CD03-01 Burnt Offerings 7:22
CD03-02 Last December 3:23
CD03-03 Diary 6:14
CD03-04 Brainwashed 5:22
CD03-05 Burning Oasis 5:59
CD03-06 Creator Failure 6:01
CD03-07 The Pierced Spirit 1:53
CD03-08 Dante’s Inferno 16:26
CD03-08a I. Denial, Lust, Greed
CD03-08b II. The Prodigal, The Wrathful, Medusa
CD03-08c III. The False Witness, Angel Of Light
CD04-01 Burnt Offerings (Rough-Mix) 7:13
CD04-02 Last December (Rough-Mix) 3:26
CD04-03 Diary (Rough-Mix) 6:18
CD04-04 Brainwashed (Rough-Mix) 5:26
CD04-05 Burning Oasis (Rough-Mix) 6:06
CD04-06 Creator Failure (Rough-Mix) 6:06
CD04-07 The Pierced Spirit (Rough-Mix) 1:57
CD04-08 Dante’s Inferno (Rough-Mix) 16:23
CD04-08a I. Denial, Lust, Greed
CD04-08b II. The Prodigal, The Wrathful, Medusa
CD04-08c III. The False Witness, Angel Of Light
Days Of Purgatory
CD05-01 Enter The Realm 0:45
CD05-02 Colors 5:04
CD05-03 Angels Holocaust 5:45
CD05-04 Stormrider 3:55
CD05-05 Winter Nights 3:55
CD05-06 Nightmares 3:30
CD05-07 Before The Vision 1:23
CD05-08 Pure Evil 6:18
CD05-09 Solitude 1:44
CD05-10 The Funeral 6:16
CD05-11 When The Night Falls 7:50
CD06-01 Burnt Offerings 7:23
CD06-02 Cast In Stone 6:00
CD06-03 Desert Rain 6:38
CD06-04 Brainwashed 5:22
CD06-05 Life And Death 6:07
CD06-06 Creator Failure 6:05
CD06-07 Reaching The End 1:10
CD06-08 Travel In Stygian 9:27
CD06-09 Dante’s Inferno 16:19
CD06-10 Iced Earth 5:29
The Dark Saga
CD07-01 Dark Saga 3:42
CD07-02 I Died For You 3:47
CD07-03 Violate 3:38
CD07-04 The Hunter 3:54
CD07-05 The Last Laugh 3:46
CD07-06 Depths Of Hell 3:00
CD07-07 Vengeance Is Mine 4:22
CD07-08 Scarred 5:53
CD07-09 Slave To The Dark 4:03
CD07-10 A Question Of Heaven 7:40
CD07-11 Hellspawn (Unit 1) * 3:42
CD07-12 Hellspawn (Unit 2) * 3:43
Something Wicked This Way Comes
CD08-01 Burning Times 3:43
CD08-02 Melancholy (Holy Martyr) 4:47
CD08-03 Disciples Of The Lie 4:03
CD08-04 Watching Over Me 4:28
CD08-05 Stand Alone 2:44
CD08-06 Consequences 5:36
CD08-07 My Own Savior 3:39
CD08-08 Reaping Stone 4:02
CD08-09 1776 (Instrumental) 3:33
CD08-10 Blessed Are You 5:05
CD08-11 Prophecy 6:18
CD08-12 Birth Of The Wicked 4:16
CD08-13 The Coming Curse 9:33
CD08-14 Shooting Star * 5:14
CD08-15 Electric Funeral * 4:52
CD08-16 The Ripper * 2:41
Alive In Athens
CD09-01 Burning Times 4:07
CD09-02 Vengeance Is Mine 4:42
CD09-03 Pure Evil 6:36
CD09-04 My Own Savior 3:42
CD09-05 Melancholy (Holy Martyr) 4:55
CD09-06 Dante’s Inferno 16:23
CD09-07 The Hunter 4:09
CD09-08 Travel In Stygian 9:02
CD09-09 Slave To The Dark 3:52
CD09-10 A Question Of Heaven 8:17
CD10-01 Dark Saga 4:02
CD10-02 Last Laugh 4:38
CD10-03 Last December 3:37
CD10-04 Watching Over Me 4:53
CD10-05 Angels Holocaust 4:31
CD10-06 Stormrider 4:50
CD10-07 Path I Choose 5:44
CD10-08 I Died For You 4:44
CD10-09 Prophecy 6:10
CD10-10 Birth Of The Wicked 5:42
CD10-11 The Coming Curse 8:56
CD10-12 Iced Earth 6:58
CD10-13 Colors * 5:12
CD11-01 Stand Alone 3:30
CD11-02 Cast In Stone 6:02
CD11-03 Desert Rain 7:19
CD11-04 Brainwashed 5:12
CD11-05 Disciples Of The Lie 4:11
CD11-06 When The Night Falls 7:47
CD11-07 Diary 5:52
CD11-08 Blessed Are You 5:46
CD11-09 Violate 3:53
Enter The Realm Of The Gods
CD12-01 Enter The Realm 0:54
CD12-02 Colors 5:04
CD12-03 Nightmares 3:42
CD12-04 Curse The Sky 4:45
CD12-05 Solitude 1:43
CD12-06 Iced Earth 5:32
CD13-01 Creatures Of The Night 4:01
CD13-02 Number Of The Beast 4:33
CD13-03 Highway To Hell 3:23
CD13-04 Burnin’ For You 4:26
CD13-05 God Of Thunder 3:56
CD13-06 Screaming For Vengeance 4:37
CD13-07 Dead Babies 5:40
CD13-08 Cities On Flame 3:59
CD13-09 It’s A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock N’ Roll) 4:42
CD13-10 Black Sabbath 5:30
CD13-11 Hallowed Be Thy Name 7:08
Horror Show
CD14-01 Wolf 5:19
CD14-02 Damien 9:11
CD14-03 Jack 4:14
CD14-04 Ghost Of Freedom 5:11
CD14-05 Im-Ho-Tep (Pharaoh’s Curse) 4:45
CD14-06 Jekyll & Hyde 4:39
CD14-07 Dragon’s Child 4:21
CD14-08 Frankenstein 3:50
CD14-09 Dracula 5:53
CD14-10 The Phantom Opera Ghost 8:41
CD14-11 Transylvania* 4:29
Alive In Athens – The DVD
DVD-01 Intro 1:53
DVD-02 Burning Times 3:32
DVD-03 Vengeance Is Mine 4:07
DVD-04 Dark Saga 3:30
DVD-05 Last Laugh 4:16
DVD-06 Cast In Stone 5:53
DVD-07 Last December 3:29
DVD-08 Pure Evil 6:16
DVD-09 Desert Rain 6:29
DVD-10 Dante’s Inferno 16:20
DVD-11 The Hunter 3:59
DVD-12 Melancholy (Holy Martyr) 5:04
DVD-13 Angels Holocaust 4:39
DVD-14 Stormrider 4:45
DVD-15 The Path I Choose 5:39
DVD-16 Watching Over Me 5:12
DVD-17 Diary 5:57
DVD-18 Blessed Are You 5:08
DVD-19 When The Night Falls 7:21
DVD-20 My Own Saviour 3:48
DVD-21 Travel In Stygian 9:17
DVD-22 Violate 4:39
DVD-23 Stand Alone 3:32
DVD-24 Brainwashed 5:43
DVD-25 Disciples Of The Lie 4:10
DVD-26 I Died For You 5:01
DVD-27 Prophecy 6:10
DVD-28 Birth Of The Wicked 5:44
DVD-29 The Coming Curse 8:09
DVD-30 Epilog 2:36
DVD-31 Iced Earth Backstage (Bonus) 4:20
DVD-32 Jon Schaffer In Athens (Bonus) 3:25


– Limited Edition Box set containing all albums released under Century Media at that time.
– All discs are repackaged as LP-miniatures (except the dvd) with new layouts, lyrics included and various, partly unreleased, bonus tracks. The bonus tracks are marked with a star (*) behind the track.
– “Enter The Realm Of The Gods” consists of the 1988 demo “Enter The Realm” as the first disc and the tribute album “Tribute To The Gods” as the second disc.
– The second disc on “Burnt Offerings” is a bonus cd with an unreleased rough-mix of the entire album.
– Limited to 5000 copies, box contains certificate with number of your copy.
-Brand New / Factory Sealed


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