Scorpions – “Return To Forever” Box Set

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Return To Forever
CD1-1 Going Out With A Bang 3:46
CD1-2 We Built This House 3:53
CD1-3 Rock My Car 3:20
CD1-4 House Of Cards 5:05
CD1-5 All For One 2:58
CD1-6 Rock ‘n’ Roll Band 3:55
CD1-7 Catch Your Luck And Play 3:33
CD1-8 Rollin’ Home 4:03
CD1-9 Hard Rockin’ The Place 4:06
CD1-10 Eye Of The Storm 4:28
CD1-11 The Scratch 3:41
CD1-12 Gypsy Life 4:52
CD1-13 The World We Used To Know 3:51
CD1-14 Dancing With The Moonlight 3:42
CD1-15 When The Truth Is A Lie 4:27
CD1-16 Who We Are 2:33
V (Since 1965)
CD2-1 Rudolf About Founding The Band In 1965 8:39
CD2-2 Klaus About The Scorpions’ Early Years 2:41
CD2-3 Klaus About Band Life In The Early ’70s 5:30
CD2-4 Rudolf About The Albums In The ’70s 5:20
CD2-5 Klaus About Lineup Changes In 1978 0:31
CD2-6 Matthias About His Passion For Music & Joining The Band In 1978 2:20
CD2-7 Klaus About First Musical Steps Abroad 2:55
CD2-8 Matthias About Worldwide Succes 1:23
CD2-9 Klaus About Succes In The Us 2:14
CD2-10 Klaus About Concerts In The Ussr & “Wind Of Change” 8:12
CD2-11 Matthias About “Still Loving You” 0:39
CD2-12 Klaus About His Passion For Music & The Last Five Years On The Road 12:49
CD2-13 Rudolf About The Creation Of The New Album And 50th Band Anniversary 3:08
CD2-14 Klaus About The New Album 7:35
CD2-15 Matthias About “Return To Forever” 1:51
CD2-16 Klaus About The Future 2:46
CD3-1 Rudolf Über Die Bandgründung Im Jahr 1965 6:23
CD3-2 Rudolf Über Den Bandnamen “Scorpions” 0:41
CD3-3 Klaus Über Seinen Bandeinstieg Im Jahr 1969 2:39
CD3-4 Rudolf Über Die Alben Der 70er 8:06
CD3-5 Matthias Über Seine Musikbegeisterung, Den Bandeinstieg & Den Sommer 1978 5:56
CD3-6 Rudolf Über Neue Musikalische Herausforderungen & Den Erfolg In Amerika In Den 80ern 1:48
CD3-7 Klaus Über Den Rock ‘n’ Roll-Traum Einer Internationalen Karriere 1:00
CD3-8 Matthias Über Weltweiten Erfolg 0:50
CD3-9 Klaus Über Konzerte In Der Udssr 3:54
CD3-10 Rudolf Über Love, Peace & Rock ‘n’ Roll 1:24
CD3-11 Matthias Über “Still Loving You” 0:52
CD3-12 Klaus Über “Wind Of Change” 4:15
CD3-13 Klaus Über Akustik- & Unplugged-Projekte 4:35
CD3-14 Rudolf Über Die Entstehung Des Neuen Albums Und 50 Jahre Scorpions 2:19
CD3-15 Klaus Über Das Neue Album 1:24
CD3-16 Matthias Über “Return To Forever” 1:24
CD3-17 Klaus Über Erreichte Ziele & Die Zukunft 1:42
Bonus 7″
7″-A We Built This House (Single Edit) 3:53
7″-B House Of Cards (Single Edit) 4:28
Return To Forever
USB-1 Going Out With A Bang 3:46
USB-2 We Built This House 3:53
USB-3 Rock My Car 3:20
USB-4 House Of Cards 5:05
USB-5 All For One 2:58
USB-6 Rock ‘n’ Roll Band 3:55
USB-7 Catch Your Luck And Play 3:33
USB-8 Rollin’ Home 4:03
USB-9 Hard Rockin’ The Place 4:06
USB-10 Eye Of The Storm 4:28
USB-11 The Scratch 3:41
USB-12 Gypsy Life 4:52


50th Anniversary Limited Collector’s Box containing:
– “Return To Forever ” album in deluxe ecobook edition
– “V (Since 1965)” 2CD in digisleeve (available in this box only)
– bonus 7″ picture vinyl (available in this box only)
– USB lanyard with fanpass containing MP3 version of the album
– “Return To Forever” T-shirt (size L)
– signed postcard

“V (Since 1965)” is an audiobook with band members talking about the band, in English (CD2) and German (CD3).

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Distributed by Sony Music Entertainment.
Made in the EU.


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