REBEL PRIEST To Release “R’lyeh Heavy” Album in November; “Electric Lady” Video Available

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Canadian “Trash-N-Roll” band REBEL PRIEST has set November 22 as the release date for R’lyeh Heavy, their first release with SCRAPE Records.

Recorded in early 2019, “R’lyeh Heavy” showcases the band’s diverse brand of Heavy Rock, combining elements of Classic Metal (“The Summoning”, “Emperor”); Biker Rock (“Electric Lady”); 80s Sleaze (“Hangman”, “Dead End World”), and even a dash of Reggae (“Lighten The Load”). Lyrical highlights include “Elm Street”, the Speed Metal-tinged tribute to Freddy Krueger, and “Snake Eyes” – an ode to gambling which would make Lemmy proud.

A video for “Electric Lady”, produced by R.D.Cane was released today.

Guitarist Benny Kemp comments: “It’s finally time to announce what we’ve been spending the better part of a year putting our hearts and insanity into – this is the culmination of all the sounds we love with all the topics that move us. This project couldn’t have happened without some of the most amazing people we have ever worked with, and we are forever grateful for the honesty and loyalty along the way!”

Pre-orders of the album are available today at in various formats, including CD (digipak), Limited Edition Vinyl (various color options) and merchandise bundles.

“R’lyeh Heavy” track listing:

01. The Summoning
02. Electric Lady
03. Hangman
04. Elm Street
05. Snake Eyes
06. Emperor
07. Lighten The Load
08. Dead End World

REBEL PRIEST launched a Japanese tour on October 8, which will include an appearance at Kappunk, the annual Tokyo punk festival.

“Electric Lady” video: