Zimmers Hole – “Legion Of Flames” CD Digi-Pak

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Limited edition of only 500 hand-numbered copies. 6-Panel Digi-Pak w/ 12-page booklet and a 5 x 5 print will be included of the original album cover for “LEGION OF FLAMES”.

“LEGION OF FLAMES” will feature the original artwork and liner notes along with new liner notes from long-time ZH friend/collaborator/producer DEVIN TOWNSEND.

Plus new artwork/layout from acclaimed artist TRAVIS SMITH (Opeth, Katatonia, Death, Nevermore, Strapping Young Lad).

Reissue by SCRAPE Records


CD & Vinyl Track-listing

  1. The Hole Is The Law
  2. Death To The Dodgers Of Soap
  3. Re-Anaconda
  4. Legion of Flames
  5. Well of Misfortune
  6. Aerometh
  7. Evil Robots
  8. Gender Of The Beast
  9. Rock Move 47
  10. 1000 Miles of Cock
  11. Sodomanaz
  12. That’s How Drunks Drink
  13. Doggy Style
  14. This Flight Tonight
  15. Write Trash Momma
  16. Gaysong
  17. Mushroom Mattress
  18. Satan Is A Gay Porno Star
  19. Platinum Shire
  20. The Death of the Resurrection of the Death of Metal

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