SCRAPE Records: Remastered and Reissued!

scraperecords Announcements

It’s SCRAPE Records’ 20th Anniversary and we’re excited to expand the SCRAPE brand by resurfacing as SCRAPE Records – The Record Label in 2017!

It’s not only SCRAPE Records’ 20th Anniversary, it’s also the 20th Anniversary of ZIMMERS HOLE’s debut album “Bound By Fire”, SCRAPE Records are proud to announce their first label signing… ZIMMERS HOLE!

SCRAPE Records has BIG plans for The Label, ZIMMERS HOLE, signing more talent, management, promoting and releasing our own SCRAPE Records – The Label promotional/fundraiser Vinyl compilation. We’ve put in a large investment from our own pockets to get this all started.

However, to make this a HUGE success, achieve our goals and meet your expectations, we’re counting on YOU our loyal “DISCIPLE” to get involved!

We have set an Indiegogo Campaign to help get SCRAPE Records – The Label up and running! In return for your contributions, we have tons of wicked product for purchase that isn’t available anywhere else. However, it’s not necessary to make a purchase to contribute.

ZIMMERS HOLE “Bound By Fire” pre-orders and more available now!

You have the power! We have the know-how, drive and network. We’re counting on the “DISCIPLE” to help SCRAPE reach its full potential! Check out our campaign (link) and buy some crap!