Iron Maiden
“The Complete Albums Collection 1980-1988” 9LP Box Set

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Iron Maiden
A1 Prowler
A2 Remember Tomorrow
A3 Running Free
A4 Phantom Of The Opera
B1 Transylvania
B2 Strange World
B3 Charlotte The Harlot
B4 Iron Maiden
C1 The Ides Of March 1:46
C2 Wrathchild 2:54
C3 Murders In The Rue Morgue 4:18
C4 Another Life 3:22
C5 Genghis Khan 3:06
C6 Innocent Exile 3:52
D1 Killers 5:01
D2 Prodigal Son 6:11
D3 Purgatory 3:20
D4 Drifter 4:48
The Number Of The Beast
E1 Invaders 3:20
E2 Children Of The Damned 4:34
E3 The Prisoner 5:34
E4 22 Acacia Avenue 6:34
F1 The Number Of The Beast 4:25
F2 Run To The Hills 3:50
F3 Gangland 3:46
F4 Hallowed Be Thy Name 7:08


Limited edition boxset holding all 8 albums from Iron Maiden to Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
(Note: Live After Death is a double album). 9 records total.
Brand New / Cellophane opened – yet still attached – on box to insert individual albums to complete set. All albums inside are factory sealed.
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