Touch The Sun

SCRAPE records welcomes TOUCH THE SUN!

scraperecords Announcements

SCRAPE Records will be exclusively distributing “Above Dark” the upcoming release from Melodic rock/metal band TOUCH THE SUN. Also available Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, Singer/guitarist/lyricist Alex Roque is joined by bassist Russell Bergquist (formerly of Annihilator) and drummer Rob Wade (Flybanger), creating a sound that combines progressive rock/metal with elements of alternative 80’s-2000’s music. TOUCH THE SUN has recently played …

SCRAPE Records – “The Label” Vinyl Sampler band announcements and pre-order details.

scraperecords Announcements

SCRAPE Records is gearing up on our 20th Anniversary and we will be celebrating with the release of a sampler featuring 19 tracks from 15 hard rock / metal bands from British Columbia, Canada! Featuring ZIMMERS HOLE | HELLCHAMBER | RESURGENCE | TOUCH THE SUN | ASSAULT | TRAILIGHT | MEDEVIL | DEAD ASYLUM | CODEX: FACTORIA | APOLLYON | …